Presentation:  The presentation of your property is key to achieving the maximum sale price.  Ensure the garden is clean and tidy, the lawns are kept mown and any larger trees and bushes trimmed. Green lawn and low maintenance gardens are always appealing. Inside the property, make sure you remove any unnecessary furniture so the purchaser can get an idea of the space available and can imagine their own belongings there.  Your property should also smell fresh and inviting.  Talk to our sales team for ideas on how to present your property to help achieve the maximum sales price.

 Professional Photos: Quality photos of your property increase the number of hits on the internet which increases the number of people who visit your property.  We have found that most properties which have professional photos on the internet sell quicker and at a higher price.  Talk to Lakeford Real Estate about available professional photo packages.

 Minor Maintenance:

- Making sure there are no leaks or drips

- Updating minor fixtures and fittings

- Having heating and cooling your property

 By attending to the above minor issues; prospective purchasers are not going to be walking into your home and seeing issues which they will need to attend to and outlay more money for, straight after they have just made one of the biggest purchases of their life.