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At Lakeford Real Estate we strive to exceed your Property Management needs! 

  • Finding quality tenants through local and national advertising, prospective tenant inspections at your property and completion of reference and TICA checks. TICA is Australia's largest tenancy database and stands for:  Tenancy Information Centre Australia
A Landlords greatest fear is when a tenant fails to pay their rent or worse yet, damages your property.  The fact is, delinquent tenants like these exist and cost landlords millions of dollars each year.
TICA was created to empower Landlords and Real Estate agents by providing rental history information about your prospective tenants.  A lot like credit checks when applying for a loan or credit card, TICA provides tenancy history checks when tenancy applicants apply for rental properties.
Members of TICA are also able to Default a tenant on its Tenancy History Database. The Default is then used to warn other Landlords and Real Estate Agents that the tenant has a negative tenancy history.
  • Qualifying of income to ensure affordability and provide our opinion on each application – you give the final approval on who you want in your investment property!   
  • Competitive management fees.   
  • First routine inspection 3 months after tenancy commences and then 6 monthly thereafter if there are no issues; reports are emailed to you directly from our professional and efficient Property Management system.  
  • Effective arrears management – monitored daily with tenants contacted regularly to assist with promptly getting any arrears back in order.   
  • Landlords are informed of repair and maintenance issues as quickly as possible and prior to tradespeople being contacted in all but emergency situations.   
  • Rental increases reviewed 12 monthly in consultation with landlords to ensure your investment income is in line with the current rental market. 
  • Our office is in a great location to promote your property to potential tenants. 


Our Experienced & Professional Property Management Team: 

If this sounds like the service you have been looking for, please contact our property management team on (02) 6742 6677.